*Mike did huge amount of sessions, so this list is just a part of his works.


38 SPECIAL/Strength in Numbers (A&M 1986)


ALAIN CHAMFORT/Rock'n Rose (CBS 1977)
ALAN O'DAY/Oh Johnny! (Pacific 1979)
ALAN SORRENTI/L.A.&N.Y. (EMI Italy 1979)
ALESSI/Words and Music (A&M 1979)
ALLAN CLARKE/I Wasn't Born Yesterday (Aura 1978)
ALLAN CLARKE/Legendary Heroes (Elektra 1980)
AMERICA/View From The Ground (Capitol 1982)
AMY HOLLAND/Amy Holland (Capitol 1980)
ANGELO/Midnight Prowl (Fantasy 1978)
ANITA LINDBLOM/Love In The Shadows (Frituna 1978)
ANN BERTICCI/I'm Number One (Canyon 1981)
ANRI/16th Summer Breeze (For Life 1994)
AOR/L.A. Reflection (Yesterrock 2003)
ARETHA FRANKLIN/Aretha (Arista 1980)
AVALON/Everyman A King (Capitol 1982)


BARRON LONGFELLOW/Barron Longfellow (Ice 1980)
BEAUTIES/The Beauties (Gasoline Alley 1993)
BECKY HOBBS/Becky Hobbs (RCA 1979)
BILL HUGHES/Dream Master (Epic 1979)
BILL MEYERS/The Color Of The Truth (Agenda 1990)
BLAISE TOSTI/American Lovers (Cool Sound 2016)
BOB WEIR/Heaven Help The Fool (Arista 1978)
BOBBY KIMBALL/Mysterious Sessions (Purple Pyramid 2017)
BOZ SCAGGS/Hits (Columbia 1980)
BRETT RAYMOND/Only Love (Sixty 1986)
BRIAN CADD/Yesterday Dreams (Festival 1978)
BRUCE ROBERTS/Bruce Roberts (Elektra 1977)
BURTON CUMMINGS/Plus Signs (Capitol 1990)


CHARLIE DORE/Listen (Chrysalis 1981)
CHER/Love Hurts (Geffen 1991)
CHERIE AND MARIE CURRI/Messin' With The Boys (Capitol 1979)
CHRIS MANCINI/No Strings (Atlantic 1983)
CHRISTOPHER CROSS/Another Page (Warner Bros 1983)
COUNTRY JOE MCDONALD/Rock And Roll Music From The Planet Earth (Fantasy 1979)
COUNTRY JOE MCDONALD/Child's Play (Rag Baby 1983)
CRISTIAN CASTRO/El Camino Del Alma (Fonovisa Melody 1994)


DAN FOGELBERG/Windows And Walls (Epic 1984)
DAN FOGELBERG/Exiles (Epic 1987)
DAN FOGELBERG/The Wild Places (Epic 1990)
DAN FOGELBERG/River Of Souls (Epic 1993)
DANE DONOHUE/Dane Donohue (Columbia 1978)
DANNY & JOYCE/Ma La Lady (Jasmine 1975)
DANNY PECK/Heart And Soul (Arista 1977)
DAVE MCCLUSKEY/A Long Time Coming (GRT 1978)
DAVID GARFIELD&FRIENDS/Tribute To Jeff (Zebra 1997)
DAVID PACK/Anywhere You Go (Warner Bros 1985)
DAVID ROBERTS/All Dressed Up (Elektra 1982)
DAVID WIILIAMS/Take The Ball And Run (Ocean Front 1983)
DEARDORFF AND JOSEPH/Deardorff And Joseph (Arista 1976)
DENIECE WILLIAMS/When Love Comes Calling (CBS 1979)
DIONNE WARWICK/Friends In Love (Arista 1982)
DJAVAN/Lilas (Epic 1984)
DON BARNES/Ride The Storm (Melodic Rock 2017)
DWAYNE FORD/Needless Freaking (Epic 1982)


EARTHSHAKER/Pretty Good! (East World 1990)
ERIC CARMEN/Change Of Heart (Arista 1978)
ERIC TAGG/Smilin' Memories (EMI Bovema 1975)
EYES/Windows Of The Soul (Bulletproof 1994)


FOOL'S GOLD/Mr.Lucky (CBS 1977)
FRANCOIS KIE/Pacific (CD Baby 2010)
FRIENDLY ENEMIES/Round One (Prodigal 1978)


GAELIC STORM/Tree (Higher Octave 2001)
GAP MANGIONE/Suite Lady (A&M 1978)
GORO NOGUCHI/Last Joke (Polydor Japan 1979)


HARLEM YU/Righting All The Wrong (Linfair 1990)
HARVEY MASON/Funk In A Mason Jar (Arista 1977)
HARVEY MASON/Groovin' You (Arista 1979)
HELEN REDDY/Ear Candy (Capitol 1977)
HENRY KAPONO/Same World (Alfa 1991)
HIROYUKI MATSUDA/Two Of Us (Tokuma 1992)
HUES CORPORATION/Your Place Or Mine (Warner 1978)



JAY GRAYDON/Past To Present - The 70s (Sonic Thrust 2006)
JAY GRUSKA/Which One Of Us Is Me (Warner Bros 1984)
JEFFERSON AIRPLANE/Jefferson Airplane (Epic 1989)
JERRY CORBETTA/Jerry Corbetta (Warner Bros 1978)
JESSE COLIN YOUNG/The Perfect Stranger (Elektra 1982)
JOE FRARRELL/Night Dancing (Warner Bros 1978)
JOE WALSH/The Confessor (Warner Bros 1985)
JON ANDERSON/In The City Of Angels (Columbia 1988)
JOHN BRANNEN/Mystery Street (Apache 1988)
JOHN FARRAR/John Farrar (CBS 1980)
JOSEPH WILLIAMS/I Am Alive (Kitty 1996)
JOSEPH WILLIAMS/3 (Kitty 1997)
JUICE NEWTON/Take Heart (Capitol 1979)
JUICE NEWTON/Well Kept Secret (Capitol 1978)
JULIO IGLESIAS/1100 Bel Air Place (Columbia 1984)
JUNICHI KAWAGUCHI/Private Heaven (Fun House 1991)
JUNICHI KAWAGUCHI/Juice (Fun House 1992)
JUNKO MIHARA/Windy City (Victor Japan 1983)
JUNKO YAGAMI/I Wanna Make A Hit Wit-choo (Discomate 1983)


KEANE BROTHERS/Keane Brothers (20th Century 1977)
KELLY HARLAND/Kelly Harland (Epic 1982)
KENJI OHMURA/Kenji Shock (Alfa 1978)
KISS/Creatures Of The Night (Casa Blanca 1982)
KIYOTAKA SUGIYAMA/Add Water (Warner Japan 1994)


LANI HALL/Blush (A&M 1980)
LEAH KUNKEL/I Run With Trouble (CBS 1980)
LEE RITENOUR/Captain Fingers (Epic 1977)
LINDA NARDINI/Friend From Above/ Girl's Talk(Single) (AVI 1985)
LISA BADE/Suspicion (A&M 1982)
LISA DAL BELLO/Lisa Dal Bello (MCA 1977)
LISA DAL BELLO/Pretty Girls (Talisman 1978)
LISA JASON/Envision (MDI 1999)
LORNA WRIGHT/Circle Of Love (Rocket 1978)
LOUISE GOFFIN/Kid Blue (Asylum 1979)


MANHATTAN TRANSFER/Tonin' (Atlantic 1994)
MARC JORDAN/A Hole In The Wall (Sound Design 1983)
MARCIA HINES/Ooh Child (Logo 1980)
MARCUS JOSEPH/Things I Meant To Say (Big Tree 1978)
MARI HAMADA/In The Precious Age (Victor Japan 1987)
MARI IIJIMA/Right Now (Mari Iijima 2001)
MARIA ASAHINA/Maria (Alfa 1979)
MARILYN SCOTT/God Only Knows(Single) (Big Tree 1978)
MARIYA TAKEUCHI/Beginning (RCA Japan 1978)
MARY MACGREGOR/In Your Eyes (Ariola 1978)
MARY MACGREGOR/Mary MacGregor (RSO 1980)
MASATOSHI NAKAMURA/Across The Universe (Nippon Columbia 1988)
MATTHIAS HEIMLICHER/Running Back To You (C Works 2003)
MICHAEL MCDONALD/If That's What It Takes (Warner Bros 1982)
MICHAEL ZANETIS/Better Late Than Never (MCZ 1978)
MIGUEL BOSE/Miguel (CBS 1980)
MIHO NAKAYAMA/Wagamama Na Actress (King 1993)
MISATO WATANABE/Flower Bed (Epic Japan 1989)
MOIRS/State Of Shock (Rocket 1978)


NANNO LA PROJECT/Nanno Songless (Sony Japan 1990)
NAOKO KAWAI/Daydream Coast (Nippon Columbia 1984)
NAOKO KAWAI/9 1/2 Nine Half (Nippon Columbia 1985)
NATALIE COLE/Good To Be Back (Elektra 1989)
NEY MATOGROSSO/…pois e (Polygram 1982)
NICO RAMSDEN/Nico Ramsden (Vap 1981)
NOBUTERU MAEDA/Hard Pressed (Sony Japan 1997)
NOBUTERU MAEDA/Live Around '97: Nobody Can Press My Soul (Sony Japan 1998)



PABLO CRUISE/Worlds Away (A&M 1978)
PABLO CRUISE/Part Of The Game (A&M 1979)
PASCAL BACOUX/Comedienne (Disc'az 1981)
PATA/Pata (BMG Victor 1993)
PATA/Fly Away(Single) (BMG Victor 1994)
PATA PROJECT/Shine On Me(Single) (BMG Victor 1995)
PAUL ANKA/Headlines (RCA 1979)
PETER ALLEN/Bi-Coastal (A&M 1980)
POINTER SISTERS/Energy (Planet 1978)
POINTER SISTERS/Black & White (RCA 1981)


QUARTER FLASH/Quarter Flash (Geffen 1981)


RADIOACTIVE/Ceremony Of Innocence (MTM 2001)
RANDY EDELMAN/You're The One (Arista 1979)
RAY KENNEDY/Ray Kennedy (American 1980)
RAYMONE CARTER/Raymone Carter (Reprise 1991)
RICCARDO COCCIANTE/Sincerita (Virgin 1983)
RICK DEES & THE CAST OF IDEOTS/I'm Not Crazy (Atlantic 1985)
RICKY MARTIN/Vuelve (Epic 1998)
RITA LEE & ROBERTO/BomBom (Som Livre 1983)
ROBBIE PATTON/Do You Wanna Tonight (Back Street 1979)
ROBERTO CARLOS/Roberto Carlos (Epic 1981)
ROBIN DIMAGGIO/Blue Planet (Favored Nations 2001)
RUSS BALLARD/At The Third Stroke (Epic 1978)


SABRINA/Angels Watching (Vosen 2006)
SANTANA/Supernatural (Arista 1999)
SEALS&CROFTS/I'll Play For You (Warner Bros 1975)
SHANKAR&GINGGER/One In A Million (Silverline 2001)
SHAUN CASSIDY/Born Late (Warner Bros 1977)
SIEDAH GARRETT/Siedah (OM Town 2003)
SIMON PHILLIPS/Symbiosis (Lipstick 1995)
SNEAKY PETE KLEINOW/The Legend & The Legacy (Shiloh 1994)
SNEAKY PETE KLEINOW/Meet Sneaky Pete (BeauTown 2001)
SOUNDTRACK(GAME)/Dragon Ball Z&Z2 (Team 2005)
SOUNDTRACK(GAME)/Dragon Ball Z3 (Team 2005)
SOUNDTRACK(MOVIE)/American Heart (? 1992)
SOUNDTRACK(MOVIE)/Black Rain (Virgin Movie 1989)
SOUNDTRACK(MOVIE)/Fast Company (Dragon's Domain 1979)
SOUNDTRACK(MOVIE)/Grease (Polydor 1978)
SOUNDTRACK(MOVIE)/Inside Moves (Full Moon 1980)
SOUNDTRACK(MOVIE)/Love At First Bite (Parachute 1979)
SOUNDTRACK(MOVIE)/Satisfaction (NBC 1980)
SOUNDTRACK(MOVIE)/The Worriers (A&M 1979)
SOUNDTRACK(TV)/Kung Fu The Legend Continues (Narada 1994)
SPARKS/Introducing Sparks (Columbia 1977)
STEALIN' HORSES/Stealin Horses (Arista 1988)
STEPHEN DUROS/Coy Sound Sessions (Luminescent 2020)
STEVE PERRY/For The Love Of Strange Mericine (Columbia 1994)
STEVE PORCARO/Someday/Somehow (Porcara Musica 2016)
STEVE VAI/Mystery Tracks : Archives Vol.3 (Favored Nations 2003)
STEVEN T./West Coast Confidential (Nova 1977)
STEVIE NICKS/Rock A Little (Modern 1985)
SYREETA/The Spell (Tamla 1983)


TAKAKO MATSU/Sora No Kagami (AristaJapan 1997)
TERENCE BOYLAN/Suzy (Elektra 1980)
TERRY CLARK/Welcome (Good News 1978)
THOMAS HELMIG/Say When (Genlyd 1993)
TOMMY DENANDER/Less Is More - Part One (Local Dealer 1995)
TOMMY NILSON/Tommy Nilson (Polydor 1982)
TONI BROWN/Toni Brown (Fantasy 1979)
TONY SCIUTO/Be My Radio (Cool Sound 1999)
TONY SCIUTO/Island Nights (Epic 1980)
TOSHI/My Treasure(Single) (BMG Victor 1993)



V.A./An All Star Tribute To Cher (Cleopatra 2005)
V.A./Back Against The Wall (Cleopatra 2005)
V.A./Butchering The Beatles (Restless 2006)
V.A./ELT Songs From L.A. (Avex 1999)
V.A./The Everlasting Songs: An All Star Tribute to Pink Floyd (Collectors Dream 2015)
V.A./Hands Across America (EMI 1986)
V.A./Honey I'm Gone! : An All-Star Tribute To Shania Twain (Music Avenue 2005)
V.A./Humanary Stew : A Tribute To Alice Cooper (Triage 1999)
V.A./Official Music of the 23rd Olympiad (Columbia 1984)
V.A./One Way Street : A Tribute To Aerosmith (Shrapnel 2002)
V.A./Pigs and Pyramids (Cleopatra 2002)
V.A./Spin The Bottle : An Allstar Tribute To Kiss (Koch 2004)
V.A./Stone Cold Queen : A Tribute (Shrapnel 2001)
V.A./Tribute To Ozzy : Bat Head Soup (Toshiba EMI 2000)
VICKI LAWRENCE/Newborn Woman (Windmill 1979)


WALTER MURPHY/Discosymphony (New York Int'l 1979)
WANDA JACKSON/Rockabilly Queen (Cleopatra 2011)



YUKI KATSURAGI/L.A. Spirits (Radio C. 1982)


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